Yoga Facelift

February 17th 2008 The eastern practice of yoga is focused on bringing the mind, body and spirit into harmony. It's an ancient art that now, can turn back the signs of time on your face.

Author and esthetician Marie Veronique Nadeau teaches people how to tone up from the neck up.

After years of working to improve people's skin she saw a need to exercise the facial muscles to slow down the sagging.

So she developed "Yoga Facelift," defying the effects of gravity through a workout that could have women leaving Botox behind.

"Rather than paralyze the muscles with Botox, it might be a good idea how you can become aware of your facial expressions and change them," says Nadeau.

But Marie says it's more than just a few facial exercises. Since it combines the principles of yoga it's for the spirit as well.

Nadeau says "It's sort of the counter movement to all the messages that we get on a daily basis how there's something wrong with us."

Like any exercise, of course it's better to do it than to read about it. So Nadeau takes the exercises in her "Yoga Facelift" book and holds hands-on workshops, like this one in the south valley.

Georgina Leslie of Visalia came to check out what she could do on her own without going under the knife. "I was very interested in learning about how to do exercises with my face instead of doing surgery."

It's not just for women. A few men in the class also want to know how to put their best face forward and de-stress at the same time.

James Bonafe, Visalia, says "Something that can help as an everyday, dealing with traffic, stressful job what have you, something that can relax and change my whole way of feeling and thinking."

Nadeau shows the class how a few simple, controlled exercises can tighten the facial muscles in all the usual trouble spots.

She says making funny faces the right way can smooth away some serious wrinkles, but students can't help exercising their laugh lines.

Nadeau says consistency is the key. Just 10 minutes a day of "Yoga Facelift" can take off 10 years.

She's turning 60 years old and says her face is more toned now than just a year ago. And you can do the exercises anywhere.

Nadeau hopes the next time you're sitting in traffic you'll make a few faces that could lead you on the road to looking and feeling better.

"My vision is to see them all instead of scowling and yelling and cursing and waving their fists, they're all doing the serene brow or something," laughs Nadeau.

Some critics of "Yoga Facelift" say some of the exercises could actually add more wrinkles to the face.

We also spoke to valley fitness experts who say the principles of the program seem to work since toning exercises, done the right way can tighten up muscles and that includes the face.

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