Teen Driver Faces Charges for Deadly Crash

Investigators believe a passenger in the front seat grabbed the steering wheel and jerked it to the right.

Their SUV crashed and knocked out two rows in this vineyard.

The CHP says three passengers in the backseat were not wearing seatbelts.

Investigators say 19-year old Melina Sandavol of Madera and 14-year old Thomas Nazaroff of Kerman were killed.

Sgt. Ron Dechamplain, California Highway Patrol, says "The number of fatal collisions that this office investigates every single year, that more than 50% of the people killed aren't wearing their seatbelts."

There were two other fatal crashes Sunday.

Officers say Jaime Patino ran a stop sign in Madera and crashed into these concrete poles. His front seat passenger, a 21-year old young man from Madera was killed.

A few minutes later, an 18 year old Sacramento woman was killed on Highway 99 near Madera when she over-corrected her car and crashed. Three teenage passengers in the car were hurt, one suffered severe injuries.

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