University Village Apartment Lawsuit

Fresno The victims believe the staff at University Village Apartments knew a dangerous person lived here. 19-year-old Jonquel Brooks is facing murder and attempted murder charges for that shooting.

An attorney said he has proof apartment managers turned a blind eye to illegal activity.

Investigators believe Brant Daniels lost his life over a video game system. The lawsuit filed in court claimed the suspect Jonquel Brooks sold drugs from his apartment and showed off his gun to other tenants. Five people are suing including …

Kodi Shiflett: "And shot one of my roommates in the neck."

Kodi Shiflett who witnessed the shooting.

Also suing, one of the victim's Drew Pfeiff. He is shown here receiving medical attention after the incident.

The mother of the only victim to die Lorna Daniels is also involved. Their bay area attorney puts a lot of blame on University Village for allowing the suspect to live here.

Charles Kelly, Attorney: "Whether they did that, because they wanted to get his rent money or because they were too incompetent or lazy to deal with it, I don't know. All I know is that their inaction resulted in this shooting."

The apartment complex is owned by a company in Texas. A company vice president declined to comment. Fresno State Junior Heidi Honeycuff is one of about 400 students who live at the apartments. She feels the management is doing all they can to keep them safe.

Heidi Honeycuff: "Honestly I picked this apartment building, because it felt so safe. That was once of my main concerns moving here was my safety. This was one of the first places I visited and they made sounds really safe and feel really safe. "

Jonquel Brooks remains in jail and has plead not guilty to the crime. He has not been appointed an attorney to represent him in this case. The plaintiff's attorney declined to say how much he's suing for. He said just enough to punish the complex.

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