Sprawzilla Versus Main Street

3/7/2008 Fresno A performance at this year's Rogue Festival is using music and laughter to address a serious issue facing cities across the country. The stars of Sprawzilla Versus Main Street are all from Kingsburg and include a 15-year-old girl and her father, who are hoping to save the community from urban sprawl.

15-year-old Chelsea Jones admits she's not a big fan of change. She doesn't see the point of the new strip malls and homes sprawling throughout her hometown of Kingsburg. "I thought it was pointless there were two drug stores right next door and another locally owned one downtown," said Chelsea Jones.

Instead of just sitting back and watching things change, she and her musician father, Blake Jones decided to do something about it, and write a song. Actually, a 45 minute operetta.

The Jones said they want Sprawzilla versus Main Street to spread a message of smart growth. "growth and change will happen. It's just a matter of is it going in a smart way, is it going to happen in a way that makes a town retain its charm and its uniqueness, " said Blake Jones.

The serious issue is turned into a comedy, thanks to Mr. Practical. You guessed it; he's a slimy real estate developer.

The show also includes jabs at Fresno and Clovis. For example, a reference to the 1990's "Operation Rezone" scandal, when elected officials were caught accepting bribes from shady developers. The song states, "I buy a piece of land on the edge of town it's zoned for ag but I can turn it brown. I call up my friends on city hall; I'll have it rezoned in no time at all."

The performers say they're hoping the operetta will get people talking and promote change for the better.

Sprawzilla Versus Main Street will be performed Friday night at Veni Vidi Vici's at 7:30pm. All proceeds will go to friends of the Kingsburg Historic Depot and Creative Fresno.

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