Hitting the Road

3/22/2008 Fresno The average price per gallon this week is $3.61 in Fresno, $3.62 in Merced and $3.65 in Visalia.

This week, prices did ease up a bit but the high prices did cause some to change their travel plans.

Holiday travelers armed with Easter baskets were at Fresno's Amtrak station Friday night. For some, the decision to take a train rather than drive was a money- saver.

Angela Ford, Fresno, says "Because of the gas prices. It's just way entirely too much and its easier."

Teresa Melgoza, Fresno, says "Traveling in a car is more expensive more for me."

Erik Lemoss-Rettner lives in Bakersfield and is in Fresno this weekend to visit family. He and his mother say they're using the train more and more these days. "I've taken three times in the last month and a half."

Those who are taking to the roads this weekend paid $3.43 cents a gallon at this Fresno gas station. That's where the owners of this RV filled up before their weekend trip to Morgan Hill.

Martin Harguindeguy, Fresno, says "This weekend we just said to heck with it. We just need to get out of Fresno and have some time for ourselves."

Harguindeguy says he and his wife are using the RV less and less these days. Though prices have leveled a bit in the last few days he's thinking he's going to end up trading it in as the summer nears and the summer gas prices take effect.

A spokesman for the Automobile Club of Southern California says though prices seemed to go down just a bit this week. It's just too early to tell whether we've reached a spring peak, or a plateau.

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