Eddie Scott Molestation Trial Continues

Eddie Scott is accused of molesting an eleven year old girl in 2006.

The prosecution's key witness, Mackey Davis told the court he recorded his former roommate, Eddie Scott engaged in sexual activity with the 11 year old.

Davis agreed to testify against Scott in a plea deal. Davis offered proof in video he took with his cell phone camera.

Cameras were not allowed in court as Davis talked about how he was introduced to the victim in his apartment complex parking lot.

Davis told the jury, "She said she was looking for a friend. I asked her age, she said she was overage."

Davis said he took her to his apartment and admitted the girl first engaged in a sex act with him.

Davis explained how he went downstairs to tell Scott about his experience.

He said, "I went out of the room and then I had talked to Eddie and then we both went in the room with her."

Davis said he watched and recorded the girl engage in the same sexual activity with Scott.

Davis said he then watched Scott and another unidentified man get into the shower with the 11 year old.

During questioning Davis said he could not recall many details, including the exact identity of the victim, when presented with a picture of her.

Both Davis and Scott no longer live in Fresno, they have both moved to their home state of Florida.

Testimony will resume Wednesday when the defense is expected to begin presenting their case.

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