Democratic Race Heats Up

3/14/2008 Senator Barack Obama is firing back against the image that he's not a regular guy. "But I when I hear my opponents, both of whom spent decades in Washington, saying I'm out touch, it's time to cut through the rhetoric and look at the reality."

Obama's counter-attack stems from this: 2 weeks ago in California he was asked why he's having trouble connecting with Pennsylvania's rural and working class voters.

That's when he described small town Americans as quote "bitter" and clinging to guns and religion. This misstep provided ammunition for rivals John McCain and Hillary Clinton. "Nor did they turn to their religious faith and cultural traditions out of resentment and a feeling of powerlessness to affect the course of government or pursue prosperity," said McCain.

Democrats, out of the white house since 2000, know all too well the pitfalls of not connecting with average Americans. Al Gore and John Kerry both lost to president bush which was seen by many voters as being more like them.

This weekend, Hillary Clinton flaunted her regular gal credentials: chugging beer, even tossing back a shot. But it will be just over 1 week when Pennsylvania primary voters let their feelings be known. "We have a population of 450 people. We have 4 churches. And I'd imagine every single household has at least 1 gun," said Mayor of Finleyville Pennsylvania Michael Kutsek.

Both Clinton and Obama are campaigning in Pennsylvania. #1 Clinton surrogate, Bill Clinton, is in Indiana which holds its primary in 2 weeks.

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