Lockdown at Sanger High School

3/31/2008 Sanger, CA Neither Johnson nor police would say exactly what the threat was -- only that it implied an act of serious violence.

Sanger High freshman Crystal Lopez said, "They just pulled out a couple of people searched through lockers, backpacks."

"It was a little scary at first because we didn't know what was going on. We were looking out the window we didn't know what was happening," said Frankie Kilow, a senior at Sanger High.

Dozens of anxious parents outside weren't getting answers either. Some turned to prayer. Others turned to their cell phones, text messaging their kids locked down in their classrooms.

Fransico Kilow said he left work and came straight to the school. "It's very disturbing but there's not much we can do so we just gotta believe in God first and that see that police could do their job."

His wife Rebecca said "I kinda panicked because I was thinking you don't know what's going on, what kids are capable of nowadays."

After more than 2 hours parents were led into the school where the principal tried to explain what happened. Police lifted the lockdown around 12 o'clock -- but Odelia Lopez didn't feel comfortable with what she heard -- and wouldn't let her daughter go back to class. "All they wanted to know was if that student attended Sanger High and they couldn't answer that. So, I'm taking her home I feel safer with her at home."

Sanger Unified's Superintendent said there was a similar threat made at Reedley High this morning but police say that threat was unsubstantiated. Reedley High was not put under lockdown.

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