Serial child molester arrested

Rancho Cucamonga Ontario police tried to get Rafael Valdez since 1993, who was arraigned in video court Friday.

Public defender tried to get Eyewitness News to turn video off, but the judge overruled it, saying she has tremendous interest in favoring the openness of these proceedings. Police call him a serial child molester, and they say he's been in court for the same thing in 2005 and 2006.

Valdez faced child molestation charges both times, but the charges were dismissed because of the credibility of witnesses. Police hope their case is much stronger this time around.

"We want to have him incarcerated. We want a conviction. They're very difficult to get when it involves young children. There's never a witness. There's rarely evidence. It's a child's words against an adult's words. Those cases are very difficult to prove in court," said Det. Al Parra of the Ontario Police Department.

After the charges were dropped, Valdez voluntarily deported to Mexico but snuck back into the U.S. sometime later.

His M.O. is that he befriends a family, and eventually moves in renting a room, then victimizes the children.

The victims are always young, between six to nine years of age, the suspect would reportedly threaten to kill his young victims if they come forward.

So far, six different victims have come forward, going all the way back to 1993.

"It's a continual career thing with this individual. He is a pedophile, he is a predator. There are more victims, we're certain of it. We're asking for the public's help," Parra said.

Valdez is currently at the West Valley Detention Center. The D.A. tried to request the bail be increased to $1 million, but the judge said that it was just fine at $200,000. Valdez has an INS hold on him, and in the judge's words, "He's not going anywhere."

Anyone with information is urged to call Ontario Police Detective Naanjo (909) 395-2764.


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