Oakland International opens express lines


Oakland International today joined SFO and San Jose by offering the 'Clear' program, which means some travelers will now get to avoid those sometimes long security lines at Oakland International. It would also mean you now get three airports for the price of two.

'Clear' lanes are for travelers who are prescreened and use a high-tech card to allow them through an express security lane. Passengers will be identified either by using a fingerprint or an iris image scan.

"It really targets the business travelers, people that are on the road once or twice a week flying through airports. They say it just helps taking the hassle out of travel," said Rosemary Barnes, spokesperson, Oakland Int'l Airport.

To take advantage on the convenient way of traveling, it will cost you about $100 dollars a year to become a member. You do have to submit a background check.

Oakland is the 17th airport across the country to offer the 'Clear' pass. So far, 120,000 passengers nationwide have signed up for it. That's good news for the travelers out of Oakland; they had a record-breaking year of more than 14 million passengers traveling through here.

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