Laws broken in battle over Marine recruiters?


The group, Move America Forward, claims Berkeley police were unresponsive when its members were attacked during a pro-troops demonstration in Berkeley on February 12th. They also claim Berkeley is violating federal law by assisting /*Code Pink/* in trying to prevent Marine recruiters from doing their jobs.

"City Council has gone so far as to give undue favoritism to Code Pink by waiving permit fees, granting them free parking spaces adjacent to the Marine recruiting station and authorizing a bullhorn to disrupt the work of the office," says /*Melanie Morgan/*, co-founder of Move America Forward.

One council member says he's not opposed to giving /*Move America Forward/* the same kinds of privileges.

"I think it actually would be a good idea to give Move America Forward a permit to demonstrate in front of City Hall and try to move the demonstrations down in front of the city rather than the business community where it's actually hurting businesses which are innocent bystanders in this," says Council Member Gordon Wozniak.

Move America Forward co-founder, former KGO Radio host Melanie Morgan, is also demanding that Berkeley's mayor issue an official apology to the military.

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