Four arrested in club owner murder


Late this Monday afternoon, Los Gatos Police revealed they actually arrested Paul Garcia and one of his employees, Daniel Chaidez, last week in San Jose.

Then later Friday and Saturday, officers arrested two of Chaidez's relatives down in Southern California. They're all accused of working together to murder Achilli.

Detectives were giving out very little information. They made no mention of a motive, or details about the evidence they have, but they did tell a little bit about the suspects.

Though four people have been arrested, they've released only three mug shots.

Paul Garcia, who is the co-owner of Mountain Charley's and Restaurant 180, which are the businesses Achilli used to own.

Daniel Chaidez works security at Mountain Charley's and his cousin, Miguel was arrested in Southern California.

The one picture police refuse to release Monday was a picture of is Lucio Estrada. He's accused of shooting Achilli outside his Los Gatos home, on March 14, 2008.

Garcia and another business partner bought the two restaurants from Achilli in August or September 2007. Police would not confirm whether the reason behind the shooting was business related, but they do say the investigation is on-going. Meantime, Garcia's attorney insists his client is innocent and is very confused about why he's been named a suspect.

"He's a well respected business owner. He's been a coach. He, at his young age, has owned businesses that are successful. He's never been arrested or charged with anything," said Harry Robertson, Garcia's attorney.

"He didn't deserve this, there's not going to be a piece; there's a piece of us that's missing. We're a strong family and I refuse to let these people let our family crumble," said Michelle Achilli, the victim's wife.

This is a joint investigation, involving several departments, including San Jose police, the FBI and the U.S. Marshall's office. All of the suspects will be charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

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