Fresno State Quality of Valley Life Seminar

4/4/2008 Fresno, CA Fresno State Junior sociology major Rodney Roshing took time out of his normal class schedule to attend a symposium on making change in the Valley.

Roshing said: "It kind of ties into a lot of things I'm learning. It goes more in depth. A lot of the things I'm not getting in my classroom I was able to get here."

During this event professors shared research from each of their fields of expertise.

Dr. Antonio Avalos said: "They can apply for jobs, they can apply for many different programs…"

Economist Dr. Antonio Avalos focused on what drives people in the Hispanic community to achieve higher income levels. "For schooling and inexperience the data shows the income for Hispanic males is approximately 30% higher…"

Associate Professor Matthew Jendian said all too often people see news about the doom and gloom of the economy. But he claimed having the proper facts can empower everyday residents.

"And things could be different and can be different if people get involved. They get informed by the research and they start applying what they're learning to policy," said Jendian.

Jendian's expertise includes our Valley's struggling housing market. He said the El Dorado neighborhood formerly known as "Sin City" in Northeast Fresno is an example of a place ripe for positive change through re-development.

"Get involved in the groups that are forming to influence policies that will effect the availability of affordable and accessible housing in Fresno, said Jenidan.

21-year old Roshing said messages like this have inspired him to get involved in shaping the Central Valley's future. "Make a change. I really want to make a change."

These symposiums happen once every two years. The next gathering in 2010 will focus on what's changed and what hasn't.

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