Possible Changes for Taco Trucks

April 9, 2008 8:43:25 PM PDT
How mobile food vendors operate could soon change in the South Valley. Hundreds of people who own mobile food vendors, such as taco trucks, showed up to a special meeting in Tulare County. The county wants vendors' feedback on a brand new ordinance they want to implement.Tulare County wants to require vendors who operate in unincorporated communities to get a business license. They also want them to stay in one place for one hour at a time. Many of the mobile vendors stay in locations for an entire day. The vendors say this new ordinance could ruin their businesses.

The county says these taco trucks can prevent a health hazard. Lynn Gregory, a Tulare County Administrator, says "They have no bathroom facilities for either their customers or employees and they're stopped in this location. There's trash that's often not picked up."

Sarah Davis, a mobile food vendor, asked the county, "How is this business permit intended to implement additional safety to the consumers if the health department is regulating all of that. What purpose is the business permit serving?"

Tulare County supervisors hope to vote on the ordinance within the next couple months.