Ramadan Abdullah murder trial will enter another phase

Fresno, CA Abdullah's friend Uthman Abdul Aziz testified he witnessed Abdullah's bizarre behavior just before the shooting. Aziz said, "Very strange, he was always quiet anyways. It was just an eerie quietness I remember."

Aziz brought Abdullah to Baladullah, a Muslim village in Tulare County. The defendant came to rural California a month before the murder of Deputy Telen. Aziz said Abdullah travel from his home in New York to California is in itself odd. Aziz said, "He just didn't seem normal. First, he just showed up. If I'd showed up at your door a couple of states away, I would have something to say. He didn't have anything to say."

Defense attorneys admitted to the jury, Abdullah shot and killed Telen, but the defendant was insane at the time.

Abdullah's video-taped interview with detectives became ammunition for the prosecution. It was played at the beginning of the trial. Doctor Kris Mohandie testified for the prosecution, Abdullah doesn't appear to be delusional when talking to investigators after the crime. Mohandie said, "There were no indications that he was responding to anything that wasn't there, voices or evidence of any evidence of visual hallucinations."

Doctor Mohandie said Abdullah became psychotic after the crime, and now the defendant is a very sick man.

Defense attorneys rested their case earlier than expected because five witnesses would not cooperate. Attorneys will prepare jury instructions on Tuesday and begin closing arguments on Thursday.

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