Jesse's Emotional Goodbye

Fresno, CA Tomas Medina has been a family friend for more than 15 years. "I was at home watching tv when I heard his name and we were broken, me and my family were broken. It really hurt."

The stunning news came out of the Roosevelt High School campus. Last Wednesday, police say Carrizales ambushed officer Junus Perry and beat him on the head with a baseball bat. Perry, fearing another attack, fired one shot to the shoulder. The teen bled to death.

Medina said, "The officer defended himself but we're really not sure if there was a need to be really lethal with that defense, I think there's other alternatives."

His sister Irene Ortega will miss his cooking. "Breast chicken and white rice. That was his favorite."

But most of all she'll miss being the big sister who could always get away with tormenting her little brother. "Who gets the bigger slice of pizza. Me and my best friend used to go over there real early in the morning and talk real loud and he'd say 'you guys are waking me up!'"

This woman didn't know Jesse but her daughter was friends with him. She was at the school the day he was shot and felt his mother's pain. She said it could have been her family so she wanted to be at the funeral to support his.

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