Jurors Ask More Questions in Abdullah Trial

Fresno, CA The jury's last question came before lunch time on Tuesday. They asked the court, "how could we mark 'true or false' on each of the 3 special circumstances if all do not agree on the same theory?"

Fresno County Judge Ralph Nunes answered them in court. The judge said, "In order for you to return a finding that a special circumstance is or is not true, all 12 of you must agree."

Jurors also asked the court reporter to read back testimony from two key expert witnesses. Doctor Charles Scott testified on April 9, 2008 for the defense. Scott said Abdullah suffered from full blown schizophrenia when the defendant murdered Fresno County Deputy Erik Telen in 2001. Scott said Abdullah to this day is a very sick man, "When I interviewed him, he was so disorganized, so psychotic that random statements were coming from his mouth over a seven hour period ranging from believe he's president of the united states, to owns McDonalds."

Jurors also wanted to revisit Doctor Kris Mohandie who testified on April 14, 2008. Mohandie was an expert witness for the prosecution. He said, "There were no indications that he was responding to anything that wasn't there, voices or evidence of any evidence of visual hallucinations." Mohandie agreed Abdullah is schizophrenic, but the doctor believed the defendant was suffering from an early form of the mental illness at the time of the crime.

ABC 30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi said jurors need to focus on Abdullah's mental state to reach a verdict, "Your mental state deals with whether or not you premeditated the murder. That has to do with your mind and how you thought it out… The defense is trying to show he couldn't have that kind of mental state to commit this crime."

Jurors return to their deliberations Wednesday morning.

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