Missing Hanford Boy Found

4/22/2008 Fresno, CA 13-year-old Maruice Stephens was reunited with his family just after seven this morning wearing only a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, and no shoes. He told deputies he had spent the night sleeping on some bleachers at the baseball field at J.F.K. Middle School.

Family members said Maruice is developmentally disabled with the mental status of a nine-year-old. He ran away from home around 5:30 last night and disappeared.

The Kings County Sheriff's Department went door to door and used a helicopter to search for him overnight. "We're very ecstatic because the boy's safe because the weather in addition to him having special needs. Being away from his family all night long," said Sheriff Chris Jordan.

"I just feel blessed and relieved, I didn't expect, this was out of character for him and I'm just thankful that he's back," said Maruice's Mother.

Maruice promised his family never to run away again and told them that he had intended to come back home all along so he could change his clothes for school.

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