Jesse Carrizales is laid to Rest

4/22/2008 Fresno, CA The funeral for a Fresno teen killed in a police shooting at a high school campus is underway Tuesday afternoon. Family and friends are saying good-bye to Jesse Carrizales at a service at Belmont Memorial Park in Fresno.

Last night a viewing was held for the teen in downtown Fresno. Carrizales was shot last week after police say he attacked a campus police officer at Roosevelt High School.

A spokesman for the Carrizales family said they're tabling their frustration with police for now to mourn Jesse's death. "It's very difficult for the family but they know that they are just going to let him rest in peace and move on with their lives and get this situation taken care of," said family spokesperson Guadalupe Gutierrez.

The Carrizales family is expected to meet with Fresno's police chief and school officials on Thursday to learn more about the shooting.

Today, Mayor Alan Autry will hold a news conference to discuss the incident. The mayor is planning to address mental health issues as it relates to students. He's also expected to announce a partnership between the City, Fresno Unified and Police to clarify everyone's role in keeping schools safe.

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