Bike to Work Effort

5/14/2008 Fresno -------------------------------------------------

Will you be ridding your bike to work on Thursday and Friday? Why? Let us know in the Discussion Forum


David Lighthall makes his way to his Fresno office on two wheels for more than just the gas money he's saving or the air he's sparing. "It wakes me up in the morning, so when I show up, you know I feel a little bit woke up. I'm a little invigorated."

But lately, the avid cyclist has noticed he's sharing the bike lane with many others who are ditching their cars and grabbing a bike instead. He doesn't think it's for recreation, but out of necessity. "We have a lot of low income people in this town. We have a lot of students, a lot of people who really can't afford to spend a lot of money on $4 dollar gas. And I see those people riding bikes."

Dozens will be trading their wheels for spokes in Clovis as part of a corporate challenge. On Thursday, many Pelco employees will pedal to work. "It takes a hundred cars off the road. You think of four and five dollar a gallon gas bills. You think of the money that people save and it creates a great sense of unity on the Pelco campus," said Barry Lawson.

So far, 600 people in Fresno and Clovis have committed to challenging themselves to bike to work for a day. Each rider is expected to travel an average five-miles each way. Depending on the route to work, mileage will vary.

"We've seen everything from one mile to 20 miles so it's gonna be interesting to see the results when they come in Thursday," said Pelco Event Coordinator Jennifer McClure.

Some companies, like Pelco, make riding to work rewarding every day. Employees can earn gift cards.

Many say now is the perfect time to get into the habit, no matter the motivation. "Even in the summertime, the mornings tend to be pretty nice."

The bike to work effort is meant to promote active lifestyles, reduce traffic congestion and keep our community healthy.

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