Jurors having troubles in Abdullah Murder Trial

Fresno, CA Judge Ralph Nunez read the jury's note in open court. The note said:

"Direction on where to head next. At this time it stands 11 vs. 1. (count 1 1st degree) after many attempts to accommodate the 1's uncertainties, we respectfully understand that there is nothing to offer that will convince that person to change their mind."

The judge asked if the court could do anything to move deliberations along. Jurors said on the murder charge they can't agree. They are deliberating the fate of Ramadan Abdullah. Abdullah's defense team admitted the defendant shot and killed Deputy Erik Telen in 2001, but they claimed Abdullah was insane at the time.

Judge Nunez asked, "has the jury considered and reach verdicts on counts 2, 3, 4?"

The jury fore person said they haven't started deliberating on the lesser charges against Abdullah.

Nunez responded, "In any case you still have counts 2, 3, 4 to work on. Your work is not yet done." The judge did not declare a mistrial. He asked the jurors to continue working on the case and encouraged them to ask more questions.

Jurors ended their deliberations at 4:30 PM on Wednesday without asking any more questions or releasing new information.

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