94th Annual Clovis Rodeo

4/26/2008 Clovis, CA The cowboys are still the main attraction here at the 94th edition of the Clovis Rodeo.

Mark Thompson, CRA President: "This is our western heritage right here. The methods and the techniques are a little bit different today but in essence it's still a cowboy, it's still a horse and it's still the skills that he has to operate a cattle ranch."

The professional cowboys with the best skills go home with the most cash. But they aren't the only one's working hard.

These Clovis Boy scouts are selling soft drinks, cotton candy and more.

American Legion member Ike Ikeda satisfy's the thirst of the over 21 crowd.

Ike Ikeda, Clovis American Legion Post 147: "If it weren't for this we wouldn't be able to do what we really do and then keep our Post running."

Kyle Beihling, Boy Scout Troop 60: "Troop 60 works the rodeo cause it raises enough money to support us through the summer for various scout camps.

This year the work done at the rodeo by non-profit volunteers amounts to more one-hundred thousand dollars for those groups.

Keith Wallace, Boy Scout Troop 60 Leader: Everybody gets a part of the pot and it works out. It works out real well."

The rodeo's president says it's all in the community spirit of that first Clovis Rodeo back in 1914.

Mark Thompson, CRA President: Nothin' makes us happier to have a successful rodeo and everybody wins."

The story has it the first gathering to show off their cowboy skills in 1914 era Clovis there was a ranch with a horse that couldn't be rode a ranch with a cowboy that couldn't be throwed & somebody put up $10 bucks and the Clovis Rodeo was born.

You can catch rodeo action there for the next three days

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