Best Car Repair

May 31, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
The last thing you want when you take your car in for repairs is problems from your mechanic too.When your car needs repairs, where's the best place to go? Consumer Reports' latest survey of 146,000 vehicles finds people were much happier when they got their car fixed at an independent shop not a dealership. That was true of all 29 makes covered.

Besides repairs, what about routine maintenance like tire rotation and oil changes? Again the survey showed people were generally more satisfied at independent shops, but by a smaller margin.

Consumer Reports did find a few makes where people were almost as happy getting service at the dealerships. That was true Lexus, Infinity and Acura.

But bottom line, for car repairs and maintenance, an independent mechanic is a better bet.

Before you go with a mechanic, check their record with the Better Business Bureau and Bureau of Automotive Repair. Talk to other customers about their experience. And get a written estimate before the work begins.