Fresno Grandfather Convicted of Murder

5/2/2008 Fresno, CA The defense attorney argued his client was forced to kill Zong last August because she was severely abusing Herren's granddaughter.

A family friend says Herren would do anything to protect his granddaughter. Anna Martinez, Herren family friend, says "He said, 'I knew the minute I did it, I did it.' And as long as her life was spared, he was okay with that."

Blake Gunderson, Prosecutor, says "I think what it shows is the jury agreed his actions were not just unreasonable but far beyond anything that he needed to do even if everything he said was true."

Roberto Dulce, Defense Attorney, says "What we have here are two families that are good and decent families who were placed in a situation nobody ever wanted to be."

Chai Zong's family members cried as they left the courtroom.

Herren's defense attorney told Action News he wanted to offer an olive branch to the victim's family.

Sentencing is scheduled for July. Herren could get life in prison.

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