Home Invasion Arrest

5/2/2008 Fresno, CA James Cox and Phillip Landry, both of Fresno, are accused of robbing retired Honorable Judge Robert Martin and his wife at their Northwest home.

Sheriff Margaret Mims called the robbery a "blitz-type home invasion." "Where two suspects rushed in, forced both judge martin and his wife on the ground in the hallway," said Mims.

Investigators say Cox and Landry, armed with knives, forced Martin's wife around the home while they stole items, including two .38 revolver handguns. Cox and Landry then made off in Martin's car.

Three hours later and halfway across town a fight broke out at the Babylon night club, a popular nightclub in the Tower District. Fresno police arrested 26-year old Phillip Landry. He had a .38 revolver on him.

"The serial number matched the serial number of the weapon stolen," said Mims.

Sheriff Mims said the judge and his wife were targets only because Cox was a handy man around the house.

District Attorney Elizabeth Egan says both Cox and Landry have a history of theft especially against seniors "because they appear vulnerable, in this case affluent, and we're seeing more of it and we're fighting it."

Fresno County is working to fight elderly abuse with seminars.

"These thieves are going to do whatever it takes, whatever shortcut it takes to steal your money," said Deputy District Attorney Tim Donovan at the downtown Fresno conference on Friday.

About 250 seniors played special games designed to show them how to avoid becoming victims of identity theft and other crimes. Brown said, "As you take that information you try to eliminate the possibility of being a victim."

Brown says he's been coming to this conference for the last four years. However, the D.A.'s office said funding for the elder abuse program is threatened right now by state budget cuts.

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