San Diego Courthouse Bombing

May 5, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
San Diego's Federal Courthouse will be shut down Monday after someone set off pipe bombs at the front entrance.The explosion left glass all over the place and a basketball-sized hole in the entryway. 40 FBI agents swept the area for more explosives, but they didn't find anything else.

It happened just before 2 am Sunday morning, which is about the same time as a similar explosion at a Federal Express facility a week ago. That has agents looking into whether they're the work of an organized group, like a terrorist organization.

"I don't know they would choose this target to do this I am just thankful it occurred at the time it did so there weren't any injuries just property damage," said FBI Special Agent Keith Slotter.

There's a smashed window up high too. Agents even found debris and damage eight stories up on a building that faces the courthouse.

Bomb experts will analyze the evidence from San Diego in a lab near Washington D.C.