Heat Problems

5/17/2008 Fresno, CA Pat Daily spent the day working the gate at the NCAA Softball Tournament at Fresno State. She says, "With the sun beating on us since three o'clock it took its toll but we're hanging there."

But there were problems. Ambulances brought six students who suffered heat exhaustion to a Fresno hospital. The students from Manteca had been on a charter bus that broke down on I-5 in Western Fresno County.

The Fresno County Fire Department was the first on the scene. Spokesman Mike Bowman says the kids were in bad shape. "Symptoms were vomiting, we had a couple patients that had fainted, rapid pulse, severe dehydration and sweating. All classic symptoms of heat exhaustion."

The students were at the hospital for several hours before being sent home with their parents.

Throughout the city of Fresno emergency crews reported treating nearly a dozen other people for heat exposure. During the hottest part of the day, the power went out in parts of Northwest Fresno, leaving residents without air conditioning.

Don Hawksworth was one of the more than 2 thousand residents who were affected. He wasn't too upset, saying, " It was pretty hot, I'm draining my pool so I didn't have the pool to sit in so, I got my ice chest full of beer and cleaned my motorcycle in the shade and waited till it came back on."

The best way to avoid medical problems from the heat is to stay as cool as possible, and stay hydrated. That's how a red-tongued Alan manning got through the day. With a keg of water, and lots of strawberry snow cones.

"That's 96 ounces of water I finished it about two hours ago and I've been on snow-cones ever since."

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