How High Is Too High?

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A.A.A. said the national average price for a gallon of regular gas is a record $3.93. That compares with an average price per gallon of $3.23 this time last year. So it's no surprise that drivers are cutting back more mileage than they ever have in over 60 years.

The never ending gas numbers, here's a new one: 11 billion, that's the number of miles American's did not drive this march compared to march of the previous year. That's the sharpest yearly drop since the department of transportation started recording these trends in 1942.

In some cases, drivers are opting for something more efficient. "I might just start biking into work because even with this, 16 gallon tank, it costs me $50 a week to go to work and back only. Beyond my means already you know. Because I have an Explorer at home that my wife drives," said Jesse Lopez, a Bakersfield commuter.

Gas prices have set daily records for more than two weeks now. But prices can only go so high in some places, older pumps at this station on Long Island can't handle the high figures. "They were designed to go 25 cents 35 cents. Now when they got to $3.99 the machines don't know what to do anymore," said Long Island gas station owner Vic Beeman.

The high prices are forcing some commuters to look for alternatives, primarily public transportation, to save some money. Although some choose to go back to simpler means of travel; using real horse power, and she's not alone. "To go to the doctor, I needed at least $15 dollars worth of gas. Didn't have it and wasn't gonna put it in there if I did have it," said Sacramento horse rider J.R. Belcher.

No matter how much Americans are cutting back, officials say it will not affect the continued rise in gas prices due to demand overseas in countries like China and India.

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