Gas Prices Could Impact Travel to Yosemite

Mariposa County, CA The drive to Yosemite is filled with incredible views. But the gas price signs along the way are truly breathtaking.

Noe Resendiz, Midpines Resident: "It's gotta be the highest in the world. Come on, five bucks a gallon."

The prices at this station near el portal are among the highest in the country, but drivers like Noe Resendiz say their options are limited.

Noe Resendiz: "I have no choice. It's the only place between here and the house, and I have to get to work."

Most locals we spoke with say they only get enough gas here to hold them over until they can make it down to mariposa where prices are at least fifty cents less per gallon. But tourists from other parts of the country can be caught off guard.

Larry Fiala, Wisconsin Resident: "These are as high or higher than we've seen anywhere else so far."

An attendant at this station says part of the problem is the cost of getting fuel tankers to this remote location.

Bob Revere: "It all depends if he brings a load up and he has to pay exorbitant prices, then he has to make his money so he just charges more."

Yosemite rangers say so far it's been difficult to tell what impact record high gas prices will have on park visitation.

Adrienne Freeman, Yosemite Park Ranger: "We are just a gas tank away from major metropolitan areas like the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. So we might be seeing an increase in visitors due to these rising gas prices. But it is possible that people decide not to travel at all and then we'll see a decrease."

Larry Fiala for one says his family's cross-country trip to Yosemite is still worth the cost.

Larry Fiala: "We made plans to do this and we wanted to see family and friends and we just decided we weren't going to let it change our plans."

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