Fresno City Budget Battle Continues

June 18, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Fresno Mayor Alan Autry's persistent call to hire an independent police auditor has once again been rejected by the city council.The council however did approve continued funding of the Fresno Police Department's video surveillance program during Tuesday's budget hearings

$300,000 dollars will go towards hiring cadets to monitor surveillance cameras around the city. Chief Jerry Dyer wants to expand his video policing efforts.

Another $600,000 dollars will fund the addition of six officers to a street narcotics enforcement team which would target street-level drug dealers. "This city needs to put out an all points bulletin and a clarion call. We're coming after you small-town drug dealer. You're not gonna find a refuge in Fresno poisoning and killing our children any longer," said Fresno Mayor Alan Autry.

The 2009 budget hearings will resume Thursday. The new fiscal year begins July first.