Fresno State Fans React to Loss

6/24/2008 Fresno, CA A late game rally wiped away what many fans assumed would be a win for the Bulldogs.

Fans started out the evening rowdy and ready for a victory, but that all ended after the agonizing 8th inning.

What began as a promising 4 run lead ended in a loss.

"I'm disappointed because i thought we were going to do o-k but it happens so next game we'll do good," said Fresno State fan, Jenny Brooks.

The minute momentum shifted in the 8th inning, fans donned their rally caps, hoping it would turn the tide.

"They got a little lucky, their bats heated up that's fine. We're gonna come back in the top of the 9th right now," said Thomas Giles.

Wishing for another win, many fans took the same seats as they did during previous games.

It didn't work, but that didn't wipe out hope of yet another comeback.

"They understand adversity and they know how to deliver and i tell you what it's going to be like "Go Dogs go!" said Don Smith.

"They're number 8 seed, we're number whatever we are- so hopefully we'll come back and win. Sontaya says: "we did good but good isn't enough." Fan says, "Not tonight, tomorrow hopefully it will be."

This college World Series is proving to be a dogfight for all the bones.

Stunned fans promised to still believe in the team.

"As far as I'm concerned, there's 2 more games in the series and we're going to do work. We're gonna play Bulldog baseball and we're gonna do fine, " said fan Mark Torres.

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