Former Fresno Prosecutor Pleads Guilty

Fresno, CA Jones stood up in court and addressed the judge, "I would like to say to you and the attorneys present that I'm extremely embarrassed by my conduct and ashamed of it."

Jones hoped to run for judge one day, but those aspirations disappeared inside the court room. Jones said, "I'm trying to bring to a close the distress that I've caused to the confidential victim and to her family as well as to my very supportive family."

Investigators accused the former deputy DA of going to adult web sites and posting his girlfriend's personal information on-line. The details were graphic and solicited sex from men. Jones plead guilty to false impersonation. In exchange, the prosecutor dropped the charges of identity theft and stalking. While Jones is facing a felony, the judge said he might reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. Jones' Defense Attorney Mark Coleman said that's a good decision in a case like this one, "Everybody knows Mr. Jones lead an exemplary life. He had one stumble. One bad moment. He feels horrible about. Given the conduct in this case, we believe a misdemeanor is appropriate."

The state bar is expected to review the case and determine if Jones can still practice law. Jones will be sentenced in late July. The judge indicated he will likely give Jones probation. But if he violates the agreement, the former prosecutor could go to prison for 3 years.

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