Unseasonable Bad Air Quality Hits the Valley

Fresno, CA A bird's eye view from the top of the old Security Bank building showed exactly what a stagnant air warning looks like and what people are dealing with. Mary Huey said she's a firm believer in exercise but knows bad air can seriously affect her and other senior's health.

"Why invite sickness into your system when you can avoid or try to do the best that you can," said Mary Huey.

Jamie Holt said: "Stay inside. If at all possible stay inside."

Holt with the Valley Air District warned particulates usually found during winter time are popping up now because of wildfires up North. Holt said that combined with ozone is a dangerous mix.

"This year's a perfect storm of pollution that's already established, smoke that's coming into the valley and will continue and if folks set off fireworks next week it's really gonna start to wreak havoc on everybody," said Holt.

Allergist Dr. A.M. Aminian has seen a 20% increase in patients over the last 2 days. He said bad particulates and ozone are the reason for coughs, stuffy noses and congestion.

"They're very irritating to the lungs. They cause lots of respiratory problems in people with or with out respiratory problems," said Dr. Aminian.

Both Dr. Aminian and air district officials agree: stay inside. And avoid outdoor activities if you can.

City officials tell Action News outdoor activities like "Shakespeare Fest" and "Movies in the Park" are still on Friday night. However, if the air district issues a hazardous warning the city says it will close the events for public safety.

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