Violent Weekend Left Three People Dead in Tulare County

Pixley, CA Bullet holes riddled a house on South Walnut Street in Pixley Saturday night. One resident says, "It sounded like a machine gun and they were screaming and yelling. The police finally came and they had four bodies that were down on the ground."

Relatives say 15-year old Tulare Union High School student Raymon Pulido was shot and killed. Three of his friends were also shot but survived. Pulido's family and friends set up donation containers around Pixley and held a car wash to raise money for his funeral. Pulido's sister says her family is still coming to terms with his death.

Carolina Pulido says, "They are really sad. We all miss him." One person who lives on South Walnut street says, "We need to have the gang task force out here 24/7 because this does not make sense."

Pulido was the latest casualty in a rash of shootings across the South Valley. Since Thursday, three people were killed in separate incidents. Early Saturday morning, a 17-year old boy was killed from gunfire in Goshen.

Goshen resident Maria Gamino-Parra says, "I looked down the street and the entire road was blocked off with yellow ribbons and undercover cars. There were sheriff's vehicles, too."

On Thursday afternoon, Lindsay Police discovered a 24-year old Hispanic man dead, after hearing there was a man with a gun in the area of North Homassel Street. The Tulare County Sheriff's office says more officers will be out on the streets this weekend to try and prevent any more violence.

Sgt. Chris Douglass with the Tulare County Sheriff's Department says, "Last year by July we had five homicides that had already occurred in Tulare County. This year we're working on nine with another suspicious death that we're investigating right now."

Officers haven't named any suspects in the shootings. They're asking anyone with information to call authorities immediately.

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