Vandals Ransack Avenal Elementary School

Avenal, CA Detectives said five boys, between 10 and 12-years old, broke into Avenal Elementary School Sunday evening and destroyed classrooms and equipment.

Detectives said Belem Moreno and Martin Sandoval helped their two sons remove fingerprints and get rid of evidence.

Damage is estimated at $250-thousand dollars.

Investigators said the boys smashed computer screens, dumped glue and paint on floors and even tried to start a fire. "It's damage it's malicious as you saw with the computers it was just to destroy their use. The food was just to destroy. I don't know what causes kids to behave that way peer pressure and such but it appears to be just malicious just damage destruction," said Dave Putnam with the Kings County Sheriff's Department.

Detectives said a security camera captured the break-in. Investigators are looking into what responsibility the boys' parents may have in the crime spree. The District Attorney is expected to file charges within the coming days.

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