Former Fresno State Coach Stacy Johnson-Klein to Manage Men's Pro Team

Fresno, CA Stacy Johnson Klein has landed a job in a city she's very familiar with. She will earn a 6 figure salary managing a men's semi-pro team near Oklahoma City. She told me she's thrilled to get back to work.

Stacy Johnson Klein won't be courtside anymore, instead she'll be overseeing an entire organization. The Oklahoma native is moving back to the Midwest with her husband and their children.

Stacy Johnson-Klein, Former Coach: "I'm so excited, it really just, I can't even tell you. It allows Chuck and I to not only move home but it allows our children to all be together and it allows me to just really close the door on some really dark years for us and really embrace the light."

Johnson-Klein accepted the job to manage the Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry after the team approached her several weeks ago. Last month the fired coach reached a 9 million dollar settlement with Fresno State after winning a sexual harassment and gender discrimination lawsuit. She says the new job suits her good and the team is already in a good place.

"They won a championship here and that was so enticing for me is coming to a team that already has a championship behind. I think that's so great and that's what i want to improve on is Putting more people in the stands and i think that's what i specialize in."

Warren Paboojian won the case against Fresno State, he's happy Johnson-Klein was able to find a job in her area of expertise.

Warren Paboojian, Johnson-Klein's Attorney: "I think it's a way for Stacy to get back into basketball. It's men's basketball-but its basketball. She's had a very difficult time of even getting any type of interviews for women's basketball so I think that once she gets this job, and I know she'll do great, and she'll move forward we're going to see great things from Stacy Johnson-Klein."

Johnson-Klein is also working on a book and movie deal with well known attorney Gloria Allred.

She says she'll miss Fresno but she is keeping her house here so she plans to visit as often as she can.

Her formal job announcement will be made Friday in Lawton Oklahoma.

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