Destroyed Files Postponed Gran's Murder Trial

Madera, CA, USA Gran is the nineteen year old Madera man facing charges surrounding a deadly love triangle last January.

Madera County Superior Court Judge Eric Wyatt had little choice but to postpone the Dustin Gran case for another month.

Gran's attorney /*John Garvin*/ told the court a fire Friday night at his office destroyed his client's files.

His client, /*Dustin Gran*/, is accused of murdering 18-year old /*Krista Pike*/. Gran and his 16-year old girlfriend /*Brittany Navarro*/ are both charged with plotting Pike's murder.

Brittany Navarro's case is ready to go to trial ... Dustin Gran's case will be delayed until his attorneys can re-create the files that are now just a charred mess.

Karen Mitchell, Madera District Attorney's office: "We've been working on this case since January so I imagine they have a lot of interview notes and investigation that they've been doing and it's not necessarily in the computer that can be recaptured ... so your notes and that sort of thing ... you can't recover those."

The Madera District Attorney's office knows what it's like to lose files to fire. Eleven years ago an arsonist set the district attorney's office on fire.

It was March 1997 ... A disgruntled former prosecutor set the office on fire. It took months to recreate their files. Now with the tables turned ... The district attorney's office says it will do all it can to help out John Garvin.

Karen Mitchell, District Attorney's Office: "We're going to be supplying Mr. Garvin with all the "discovery" that we've already exchanged. And copies of things they've given to us, we'll be copying back for them. We'll be doing everything we can to get them everything they need to proceed."

Dustin Gran is due back in court next month but his trial could be several more months away.


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