New Valley Express Bus Service

Fresno, CA, USA Getting from Visalia's downtown to Tulare's just got a whole lot easier. Starting Saturday, a brand new bus route will take you from one city to the other in just 30 minutes or less. Visalia Councilman Bob Link says, "The two cities both grow together. As you know, we're moving South and Tulare is moving North. This is an opportunity for us to again do something on a cooperative basis."

City leaders gathered at the /*College of Sequoias*/ in Visalia to announce the new bus routes. C.O.S. was an appropriate place to kick things off because the bus will also stop within a block of the college.

C.O.S. President Bill Scroggins says, "Over half of our students receive financial aid of one type of another and the rising cost of transportation has actually inhibited them from pursuing their full educational potential."

C.O.S. student Jasmine Orozco commutes to campus from Porterville. She says the bus will make it easier for students to get to class. Orozco says "It gets pretty expensive. I drive a small car which helps but it still could be worse. It's still bad."

The new route is also fitting for C.O.S.'s planned Tulare campus, which is expected to open in 2012. Without this new express bus, it takes at least 45 minutes to travel between Visalia and Tulare through public transportation. City leaders hope this new bus route will be the start even more partnerships between them.

Tulare Mayor Craig Vejvoda says, "We all have challenges in cities. We're asked to do more, provide more and with fewer resources. The way you do it is through these cooperative efforts and collaboration."

The route begins on Saturday. It starts at 6:30am and goes until 6:30pm every 30 minutes. The cost is $1.50 each way.


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