Fresno State's Growing Good Luck

Football players come in all shapes and sizes and just like the rest of us they have their own quirks and superstitions Center Joe Bernardi is no different. This season the sophomore from Arizona is channeling his inner mountain man in hopes it'll take his bulldogs to college football's mountain top.

Joe Bernardi, Bulldogs Center: "Its seems to be going ok ... buts it's pretty itchy."

He'll deal with the itch as long as it takes Bernardi says we won't shave his beard until the bulldogs lose.

A.J. Jefferson, Bulldogs Cornerback: "I asked him about that the other day ... I'm like really?

Joe Bernardi: "Usually I am bald last year I had the fu-man-chu ... grow hair out

Tom Brandstater, Bulldogs Quarterback: "First off ... all the same length."

Pat Hill a guy famous for his own facial hair appreciates Bernardi's attempt to forgo a razor

Joe Bernardi: "Being that my fu-man-chu looked better than his."

Hill: "I think the beard looks nice."

Jason Crawley, Bulldogs Wide Receiver: "Let it grow ... hope he's looking like Santa Clause by the time the season's over.

A big guy in red with a huge beard would certainly make Bernardi jolly come BCS Bowl time

Joe Bernardi: "Hopefully shave it in several months ... for now the beard stays."

"And so does the itch ... but it's ok."


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