Valley Awaits Palin's Make or Break Speech

Fresno, CA Alaska Governor Sarah Palin remains the talk of the Republican convention. And most Americans will hear her speak for the first time.

Political Analyst Tony Capozzi said: "The trick is to get thru this without making any mistakes." Action news political analyst Tony Capozzi says as a literal unknown like Palin from a small state like Alaska must accomplish one thing with tonight's speech. Capozzi said:"Look like a vice-presidential candidate, how do you do that? Not make any mistakes … Come across very forceful, come across knowledgeable about the issues." One thing Capozzi believes Palin will steer clear of is her personal and family life.

KMJ's conservative talk show host Ray Appleton says the mother of five, who's accomplished so much, is being treated unfairly by the media. Radio Host Ray Appleton said: "She's too busy, she's got umpteen kids, a special needs kid with down syndrome she's going to be a grandmother. Oh my god " Appleton found lots of support from female listeners who said what's happening to Palin just isn't fair.

Caller said: "Here's a woman who's strong. She can juggle several things at one time. She's everything that the women's libbers always wanted." Even some Obama volunteers, with families of their own, say Palin's pregnant teenage daughter should be off limits. Obama Volunteer Vicki Underwood said:" I don't think the family should be brought into it. I feel very sorry for her daughter."

Still, Vicki Underwood questions the experience of a Vice-Presidential candidate who went from mayor of a town of 9-thousand to the national spotlight in two years. Underwood said: "I don't know anything about her. That's the problem. She was the mayor of a small city about the size of Coalinga. I don't feel she has enough experience to be President if something happens to McCain."


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