British prosecutors seek retrial in airline plot

LONDON Britain's Crown Prosecution Service said it will ask a judge to authorize a second trial after a London jury was unable to agree on charges specifically related to the alleged plan to bomb jetliners in 2006. Jurors convicted three men on separate conspiracy to murder charges and acquitted an eighth man.

After the plot was announced, airports in the U.S. and Europe ground to a halt. New security precautions were imposed severely restricting the quantity of liquids in carry-on luggage -- limits that remain in place until today.

Britain's director of public prosecutions Ken Macdonald the seven men will face new charges specifically related to an accusation they planned to explode bombs on board airliners.

"I have today concluded that the prosecution should apply to retry each of these defendants on every count that the recently discharged jury failed to agree upon," he said in a statement.

"This will include a count that each defendant conspired to detonate improvised explosive devices on trans-Atlantic passenger aircraft," Macdonald said.

Prosecutors must now make a formal application to the courts before any date for a new trial is set.

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