Healthy School Lunches

Joyce Krasnow knows it's hard enough getting your kids to eat healthy food at home, let alone at school. Packing a nutritious lunch can be a real challenge.

Consumer Reports tested some kid-friendly foods to see whether they'd make good additions to your child's lunchbox.

Peanut butter and jelly is a go-to choice for many moms, but the fat in peanut butter can be a concern, and plenty of jellies and preserves are high in sugar.

Consumer Reports looked at 11 creamy peanut butters and four strawberry preserves and kid tasters weighed in on some low-fat peanut butter options. Their favorites? Reduced Fat Jif and Reduced Fat Skippy. As for jelly, Smucker's Strawberry Low Sugar Preserves has half the sugar and calories of regular, and tastes great.

Kid's yogurt is notoriously high in sugar, so consumer reports had kids taste lower-sugar options to see if any would measure up. Dannon Danimals 25 percent less sugar came out on top. While it still has 13 grams of sugar, Danimals has just 100 calories and 30 percent of the daily value for calcium.

But not all the lunch food tested turned up winners. When we asked kids to try fruit snacks made with real fruit no added sugar many were not impressed.

"If you can't get your kid to eat any fruit at all, then these are worth a try. But if your kids are used to regular sugary fruit snacks, these could be a hard sell," said Maxine Siegel with Consumer Reports.

Packing healthy and tasty options is what Joyce does and she finds her kids are eating what she packs!


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