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For a hundred and twenty five years folks have flocked to this county fair to enjoy the midway rides, the horse races, live concerts and the farm animals. Oh, and then there's the food, all that food. But there are experiences and people to meet inside the exhibit buildings. Once you're inside the Home Goods Exhibit you might run across Grace Turl. She's 94 years young and touted for her old fashioned lamp creations. She dyes the fabric for the lamp shades to create unique pieces. I had my eye on one when Grace told me, "It's not for sale."

Her knowledge of home goods art is, however, absolutely available. Grace also paints on porcelain, spins and weaves, does tatting, bobbin lace. And she can tell you exactly how the counted cross stitch technique, used by Retta Dunnington for her 'best of show' winning entry ... can look so real. Dunnington's crossed stitched portrait of the Madonna and Child with a little lamb is like seeing a fine portrait painting. It's all in the technique of the needle artist says Grace Turl, "See here's a whole line of stitches one color ...the shading in here is just beautiful."

Believe me you don't have to know anything to appreciate what you see. Katelyn Hicks of Fresno was astounded by the work, "It looks like a painting like someone used all the paints and the light, and I don't see how you can cross stitch that." But it is.

Across the exhibit building Dara Zachary was painting on porcelain, an art form she took up some time ago. She's also enjoying being in the winner's circle for her time consuming art. She'd never painted in her life when she decided to learn, "There are classes offered in the local area and I've been at this for a while now and I love it."

She and Grace often paint together just as they are at this year's fair and are happy to answer the question of curious fair goers about their art. Grace offers a bit of advice and the notion she's not ready to quit, "Just do it," she says, adding "I'm just chuck full of ideas."

And the Big Fresno Fair's exhibit buildings are chock full of things to see and people happy share. Go exploring!


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