Yosemite Rock Slide in Curry Village

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Rock Slide Information:

600 cabins in Curry Village have been evacuated.

100 cabins were evacuated after a smaller rock slide on Tuesday.

About 1,000 people were in the area at the time of the rock slide.

Hospitality rooms for all evacuees have been set up at Yosemite Lodge.

Three people were injured in the slide. Two people were treated at the scene and released. One person was taken to the hospital for asma related problems. That person was treated and released.

1,800 Cubic Yards – 180 Dump trucks of rocks.

The rock slide was caused by light rain, ¾ inch of rain over the weekend, followed by freezing; this cause expansion in the rocks.
3 people were injured Wednesday morning. They were treated and are expected to be fine. A smaller rockslide shook the same area Tuesday but nobody was hurt.

Curry Village is an area below Glacier Point and it has become an area notorious for rockslides. In 1999 a rockslide killed one person and injured 4 others. And in 1996, a rockslide killed 1 hiker and dozens of people were hurt.

Action News received some amazing stories of survival from families who narrowly escaped huge, falling boulders from the rockslide. One of those families just spoke to Action News anchor, Margot Kim.

Marisa McCrea, her husband and two children were on a "nature" trip to Yosemite but they never thought they would get so close to it.

The family from Santa Rosa was staying in Curry Village when the rockslide struck. Marisa describes the nerve-shattering sound and feeling as part of a granite cliff came tumbling down.

"The whole cabin was shaking and it wouldn't stop and I yelled, 'get between the bed and the wall', so my two children, my husband and huddled and we started praying out loud," said Marisa McCrea, "we could hear rocks landing on our roof, that's when we knew it wasn't thunder or lightning or an earthquake but it was a rockslide."

When the McCrea's emerged from their cabin, they could hardly see anything because of all the dust and debris from the rockslide. There's even a name for it: 'Granite Flour,' like baking flour, because it's so powdery and settles everywhere.

Action News has also learned 48, 8th grade students from Hillcrest Middle School in the Sonoma County town of Sebastopol were also staying at Curry Village. They are all fine.


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