Proposition 8 Battle Gets Heated

Fresno, CA The Unitarian Universalist Church put out no on Prop 8 signs all along Alluvial Avenue in northeast Fresno only to have them disappear and replaced with yes on Prop 8 signs. The next week a woman confronted Judi Kralevich at the church office.

Judi Kralevich said, "She pulled the signs out from the street ... from our property ... she pulled them up from our property and had them in her hand."

Kralevich says the woman became verbally aggressive and threatened to do something else if the signs went back up. Art Reker and Scott Sallee also had a no on Prop 8 sign stolen ... But when they put up another one closer to the house ... The sign and the house got egged.

Art Reker said, "It just scared the heck out of us ... because it wasn't just a matter of common thievery, but these were people who really didn't like us."

Jim Franklin of Cornerstone Church said, "Well people are very passionate about this issue. There's nothing wrong with being passionate if it's something they believe in. It's just sad when it starts affecting other people. "

Pastor Jim Franklin of Fresno's Cornerstone Church supports Prop 8. He says it's sad the fringe acts of a few are taking away from the real message of the measure. The vandalism has hit both sides of the issue. Diana Lenzinger of Clovis has had so many yes on 8 signs damaged or stolen from her yard that she now takes them down at night and puts them back up in the morning.

Diana Lenzinger said, "We're just trying to protect our families, our children, we're not trying to take away rights from people who have different lifestyles. We're simply trying to protect that which is sacred to us."

Because Proposition 8 ignites so much emotion ... Some wonder what else can happen between now and November fourth.


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