The Day Before Elections

Washington D.C., USA Republican John McCain rallied Latinos in Miami shortly after midnight while Democrat Barack Obama is in Jacksonville, Florida, for his first event. Breaking with tradition, both candidates are expected to campaign on Election Day.

John McCain at a pre-dawn rally in Miami was hammering away at Barack Obama on taxes. The McCain camp believes the tax argument has helped give the senator's campaign momentum in recent days. "Senator Obama's massive new tax increase would kill jobs, make a bad economy worse. I am not going to let that happen. We cannot afford to slow down," said McCain.

Barack Obama kept up his push for the presidency in Ohio Sunday night and will spend his last day on the trail trying to turn red states blue with stops in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia all of which voted for President George Bush in 2004.

But, Obama is hoping president bush's low approval rating will now help him in these crucial swing states. "When it comes to the economy, when it come to the central issue of this election, the plain truth is that John McCain has stood with President Bush every step of the way," said Obama.

Both candidates also made a final pitch to the American people in op-ed pieces in today's Wall Street Journal. The columns echoed their stump speeches, but they agreed the nation is suffering its worst economic crisis since the great depression. They disagreed, of course, on who is best suited to fix it.


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