Proposition 8 Email Threats

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On Sunday October 26th, Fresno Mayor Alan Autry spoke in favor of Proposition 8 outside of City Hall.

Autry said, "And that should marriage remain between one man and one woman."

Three days later Fresno Police investigators say the mayor's life was threatened through an email. Part of it reads: "Hey Bubba, you really acted like a real idiot at the Yes of Prop 8 Rally this past weekend. Consider yourself lucky. If I had a gun I would have gunned you down along with each and every other supporter."

Action news has not changed the spelling or wording of this email to preserve it.

The email continues, "Anybody who had a yes on Prop 8 sign or banner in front of their house or bumper sticker on the car in Fresno is in danger of being shot or firebombed."

A Fresno County search warrant lists this northwest Fresno house as the most likely origin of the email. We knocked. But no one was home. Darrel Palmer was surprised to hear his neighbor could be involved.

Darrel Palmer said, "So he would be that last person that you would think of?" Yeah, because they would always keep to themselves."

According to the warrant investigators discovered a large water-cooled homemade computer with five external hard drives inside.

Palmer said, "So kind of a tech wizard? Yeah, he was a pretty smart guy. I'm sure he's pretty smart. Like I said he did most of the renovation work inside his house."

Pastor jim franklin was also at the yes on 8 rally outside city hall. He too was mentioned in the email. It reads: "I've also got a little surprise for Pastor Franklin and his congregation of lowlife's in the coming future. Keep letting him preach hate and he'll be sorry. He will be meeting his maker sooner than expected."

Yesterday Action News spoke with Pastor Franklin about the threat. He said he felt confident in the police investigation.

Pastor Jim Franklin said, "It is real. It's a shame that it's come to that and we've seen that even now escalate now that the election has taken place."

No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed. Police told Action News they no longer believe the message was sent by the man listed in the original affidavit.

But investigators believe someone may have sent the message from the man's computer or using his Internet Protocol Address.


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