Prop. 8 protests for 5th straight day

11/9/2008 SILVER LAKE More than 10,000 people marched in Silver Lake, in what is believed to be the largest protest against the proposition.

The march began around 7 p.m. as the crowd began walking at Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.

Many people carried signs in support of gay marriage; some reading "Gay is Good" and "Stop H8."

"This is just a show of solidarity, and it is good to have everybody out here for all of us to come together," said Marvin Jones, who marched.

A small group of Prop. 8 supporters turned out to the event, but police were able to seperate them from the main crowd. Police said the marches went without any major incidents and no arrests were made.

People who marched said the protest wasn't about confrontation, but a peaceful show of unity.

"I think it serves a big purpose," said Briana Lindsey. "It's important for people to show in numbers that they don't agree with this prop passing, cause it's more about civil rights than religious rights"

Among the people marching was the lesbian couple who led the Supreme Court case to have Gay marriage legalized in June. "The United States Constitution says 'the majority cannot take the rights away from a minority' so it's unconstitutional," said Robin Tyler. "We are hoping that the Supreme Court is as brave and courageous as they were last time." Police said many of the people who marched in Silver Lake were likely headed to another protest on Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Earlier Saturday a peaceful candlelight vigil drew about 1,000 people in Long Beach.

Tonight's demonstrations were after other protests earlier this week were more volatile. About 2,000 people gathered in Long Beach Friday night and there were three arrests.

About 18,000 couples got married over the summer, but on Tuesday, voters approved Proposition 8.

Following the election, Attorney General Jerry Brown said same-sex unions would be honored for now, but he also ordered county clerks to stop issuing marriage licenses.

Every day since the election, gays and lesbians upset over the outcome have been protesting throughout the state.

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