Madera Teen Will Face Murder Trial

Fresno, CA, USA Dustin Gran showed no emotion throughout the hearing to determine if the 19 year old will go to trial for the murder of Krista Pike. But Krista's family members could not hold back their tears as a detective described finding her body in the Madera home she shared with her fiancée.

Russel Pike/VICTIM'S FATHER: "Some days are easier than others. Some days you don't want to even get out from your bed."

Russel Pike says he chose to sit through the graphic testimony to show strength for his daughter, who would have turned 19 last month.

Russel: "It's difficult for us at this time, her birthday just passed, the holidays are coming up without her it's going to be a difficult remaining time of this year."

Prosecutors say Dustin murdered Krista in January at the request of 16 year old Brittany Navarra because she wanted to re-kindle a relationship with Krista's fiancée.

Karen Mitchell/PROSECUTOR: "Did you ask Miss Navarra about what she wanted from Mr. Gran for Christmas?" Det. Hector Garibay/MADERA POLICE DEPT. "Yes." Mitchell: "What did she say?" Garibay: "I wanted her dead."

Officers testified that Dustin told friends he was an assassin, and that they found jeans with his DNA and Krista's blood in a dumpster. Prosecutors also submitted a series of text messages they say Brittany sent to Dustin the day of the murder and a cell phone picture they say Dustin took of Krista's body after he beat her to death.

Defense attorneys raised questions about the timeline of the text messages and whether a third teen may have played a role in the murder. They also asked why Dustin did not have any defensive wounds that could have come with a struggle.

After a full day of testimony, the judge ruled there is enough evidence to try Dustin Gran for murder and attempted rape, along with a special circumstance for lying in wait. The same judge decided earlier this year that Navarra will also stand trial for Pike's murder.


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