Officer Involved Shooting in Central Fresno

Fresno, CA, USA The intersection of Belmont and Abby was shut down all night as officers investigated the shooting. As of 7:30am on Wednesday morning, all roads in the area have been re-opened.

The incident started late Tuesday night when someone complained about a drug dealer in the area. Police set up a fake drug deal which escalated into the shooting.

Police said that a Cadillac pulled up with three people inside for a pre-arranged drug deal at Belmont and Effie.

Officers arrested the two people in front, a man and woman, on the spot. But the man riding in the back ran away. Police identified him as a parolee at large, 24-year-old Billy Phelps.

As Phelps crossed Belmont he collided with a car. When the officers chasing him heard something fall to the ground. The officers heard something metallic fall to the ground. The suspect then reached down and grabbed the metallic object and continued to run.

At that point, officers believed Phelps was armed and when they caught up to him, shot at least two, possibly three rounds at him, hitting him once.

It doesn't appear that the suspect was able to fire a round. We don't know what the actions of the suspect were prior to him being shot. Officers said Phelps dropped the gun he was holding and was taken to the hospital for surgery. They also found what they believe is rock cocaine near the scene.

The two other people in the car were questioned and likely face narcotics charges.


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